quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2008

the calm after the storm....

Hail and Kill!

After stressful times,HAMMER OF DAMNATION is returning slowly back into activities.Here are some important informations concerning the last happenings:

-Right now I am finnishing the moving of HOD headquarter into a new location.After that,it will be still closed from 28/06 ´till 17/07.During this period I will be far away travelling in southern forests...

-Also,the official web-dungeon of HAMMER OF DAMNATION is in progress.The official address: www.hammerofdamnation.com.br will be soon online.

-Both HAMMER OF DAMNATION spaces (www.myspace.com/hammerofdamnation and http://hammerofdamnation.blogspot.com) will be not unactived at all...important news and informations will be posted here.As for www.hammerofdamnation.tk is no longer an official web-address anymore.

-The new email contact (info@hammerofdamnation.com) is a provisory one,since I am waiting from the webserver the official one (info@hammerofdamnation.com.br - unavailable yet!).

At last,HAMMER OF DAMNATION is working hard to became a full profesional,organized label...this day is coming soon...

Heathen Regards,